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Cantharellus cibarius

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Cantharellus cibarius (Latin: cantharellus, "chanterelle"; cibarius, "culinary") is a species of golden chanterelle mushroom in the genus Cantharellus. It is also known as girolle (or girole).

Despite its characteristic features, it can resemble at least one poisonous species. Collected later in the year in its European distribution, it is a commonly consumed and choice edible species.


At one time, all yellow or golden chanterelles in North America had been classified as Cantharellus cibarius. Using DNA analysis, they have since been shown to be a group of related species known as the Cantharellus cibarius group or species complex, with C. cibarius sensu stricto restricted to Europe. In 1997, the Pacific golden chanterelle (C. formosus) and C. cibarius var. roseocanus were identified, followed by C. cascadensis in 2003 and C. californicus in 2008. In 2018, an Asian species belonging to the C. cibarius complex has been described and sequenced, C. anzutake, recorded in Japan and Korea.


The mushroom is easy to detect and recognize in nature. The body is 3–10 centimetres (1–4 inches) wide and 5–10 cm (2–4 in) tall. The color varies from yellow to dark yellow. Red spots will appear on the cap of the mushroom if it is damaged. Chanterelles have a faint aroma and flavor of apricots.

Similar species

The species can resemble the dangerously poisonous Omphalotus illudens.

Distribution and habitat

The species grows in Europe from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean Basin, mainly in deciduous and coniferous forests.


A commonly eaten and favored mushroom, the chanterelle is typically harvested from late summer to late fall in its European distribution.

Chanterelles are used in many culinary dishes, and can be preserved by either drying or freezing. The use of an oven for drying is not recommended because it can make the mushroom bitter.


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