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Nature-guide information on finding reptiles and amphibian.

How to search reptiles and amphibian on RikenMon's nature guide.

Reptiles are cold-blooded animals with vertebrae. This means they need the sun to warm up and they have a spine. Amphibian look similar though they are physically different and develop different, they always leed their life on both water and land. Since they look similar we combined them into one category.

To get to the search page choose the lizard pictogram or use the menu. There are 4 search items, of which you each can make one selection, except for colours where you can select multiple. All items can be selected but it is not mandatory. Instantly you will see the result of your selection. By clicking the tile you wil get more details of the specific animal.
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logo By clicking the star (left side) the search selection is undone.


The size can vary a lot. A crocodile can become 7 meter however very small when fresh out of the egg. The size given is for adult animals measured head, body to tail.


Lizzards, crocodiles, newts, salamanders and monitors all have similar shapes with long tails, short legs and large mouth. We refer to these as lizard shaped. Frogs and toads obviously resemble frogs in the is shape Frog. The slowworm is a legless lizard and categorised as Snake shape. Turtle shape have a strong shield on back and belly and hence put in a separate shape.


Multiple colours can be selected which immediately take effect; by clicking the arrow (right side) you leave color selection. Your selected colours will have a black border, clicking again will clear this color. For some animals the males, females and young have different colours; furthermore there can be inter individual differences. On the details page you will find all possible colours. Tip: Reduce your colour selection if your search is not successful.


The habitat is the surrounding where the animal prefers to live, either to nest or to find food. Amphibian are mostly found near water, however the Alpine salamander prefers mountainous area. Tip: select the habitat where you spotted the bird. On the details page you will find all habitats of the animal.


You can select what type you want to see.

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